About the Festival

The Zabaikalsky International Film Festival is held annually in Chita. It’s a unique cinematographic event – the first ever Film Festival that takes place on Transbaikalia territory and improves its culture, keeps traditions and ethnographic features of this region.

The Festival gives the chance to see the best films by outstanding and well-known masters from various countries that sometimes are not released in Russian cinemas. The numerous creative meetings and master classes organized within a Festival program are giving a unique opportunity to inhabitants and guests of Chita to communicate with the leading figures of filmmaking and gain invaluable experience.

The Zabaikalsky International Film Festival is undoubtedly an important part of cultural exchange. The best filmmakers from all over the world who visit the Festival have an opportunity to learn more about local inhabitants, their expectations and requirements. The great nature and friendly people of Transbaikalia inspire world famous directors and producers for new creative plans. The residents of Zabaykalsky Krai take part in the competitions that are held within the program of Film Festival, opening their talents and surprising the guests by their originality, creativity and fresh way of thinking.

One of the most important goals of the Zabaikalsky International Film Festival organizational team is to develop it and to expand its frontiers.

The First Zabaikalsky International Film Festival (2011) presented the best films of different genres from Russia, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Mongolia, Hungary and Belarus. The films were selected according to the principles of spirituality: they inspire the man to live and survive, become wiser, see beauty around him and understand the meaning of life.

The Director General and The Chairman of International Selection Committee - Russian actor and People’s Artist of Russia Nikolai Burlyaev. The jury of the First Zabaikalsky International Film Festival consisted of Alexei Petrenko, actor, People’s Artist of RSFSR (Russia), Jovan Markovic, scriptwriter (Serbia), Dima Dimova, film expert (Bulgaria), Yuri Shiller, film director (Russia). President of Jury – Alexander Mikhailov, actor, People’s Artist of RSFSR (Russia).

In 2012 a concept of Festival changed as well as Festival team. The principles of films that were selected for the Second Zabaikalsky International Film Festival: inspiration, compassion, understanding of one’s capabilities, broadening horizons, spiritual and intellectual development, fresh way of thinking. The competition program included films from Europe, Russia, Asia, the Middle East. The audience had the unique opportunity to see the best feature and documentary films of the past few years, participants and winners of the world leading cinematographic forums. Some of them were released in Chita for the first time. Within the Festival several Russian premiers were presented. The jury of the Second Zabaikalsky International Film Festival: Aristarkh Livanov, actor (Russia), Lone Scherfig, film director, scriptwriter (Denmark), Boris Khlebnikov, film director, scriptwriter (Russia). President of the Jury - Krzysztof Zanussi, director, writer, professor (Poland).

The main themes of the Third Zabaikalsky International Film Festival (2013) – union and the creation. Competition program consisted of eight full-length films made in 2011-2013. The wide range of non-competitive and retrospective screenings presented the genre diversity of cinematograph. The jury of the Third Zabaikalsky International Film Festival: Irina Alfyorova, People’s Artist of RSFSR (Russia), Thom Palmen, producer and film critic (Sweden), Miaon Chang, director (China). President of the Jury - Vladimir Khotinenko, director, People's Artist of Russia.

In 2014 the topic of the Fourth Zabaikalsky International Film Festival was promoting of cinema art among various target audiences, conversation with younger generation on eternal and current topics of life and art. The Competition presented to the audience not only the recent actual trends in cinematographic world, but also the best works of modern Russian cinema art. The jury of the Fourth Zabaikalsky International Film Festival: Anna Kamenkova, People's Artist of Russia, Li Dzhuik, film producer (South Korea). President of the Jury - Alexander Kott, director (Russia).

For the first time the Festival presented the additional competitive program «New look» included the best films for young audience. The jury of «New look» program: Bayar Baradiyev, director, screenwriter, Sergey Lagodin, screenwriter, Anastasia Mikhaylova, actress.

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