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14 May 2019

The "Zabaikalian Pears" program in the framework of the VIII ZMKF

The VIII International Zabaikalsky Film Festival presents the “Zabaikalian Pearls” program, in the framework of which films made over the past three years on the territory of Zabaikalsky Region will be shown.

The nature of the Zabaikalsky Region is truly amazing. Boundless taiga and wide steppes, swift rivers, blue lakes and harsh cliffs - all this attracts famous directors, actors, screenwriters who search for the best places to film as well as for an inspiration. People’s stories born in the region are included in the plots of films and resonate with many viewers.

“The Baikal Mining Company annually supports the International Zabaikalsky Film Festival in the framework of socio-economic cooperation with the government. This year pictures that were shot in the region will be presented to the viewer's attention. This means that the IZFF platform makes it possible to intensify the development of the regional filmmaking and the cultural life of the region overall”, noted the Director General of the BMC Yuri Ryabov.

In the " Zabaikalian Pears " program will be included films such as:


Russia, director Solbon Lygdenov. War film

During the Great Patriotic War, the 321st Infantry Division of the second formation consisted mainly of immigrants from the Siberian regions of the Chita Region, the Irkutsk Region, and the Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. At the heart of the picture is the story of two brothers who found themselves in the thick of the war. Brothers of different nationalities - Russian and Buryat - were raised by the same father.


Russia, director Nikolay Gadomsky. War film

The 25-year-old Pashka returns from the front to a remote Zabaikalian village. In the midst of the Great Patriotic War, her, young nurse, invalidated from the army at the eighth month of pregnancy. The old parents Matrona and Elisha cannot believe in the returning of the unharmed daughter. But Elisha's happiness suddenly grows into a deaf anger. He can’t forgive Pasha for a child from someone. A daughter who has gone through all the horrors of the front finds strength to resist the tough father.


Russia, director Elene Demidova. Documentary

The film is a study of the Buryat Lama Dashi Giorgio Etigelov phenomenon, who, according to Buddhists, is in a special form- this is not life and not death in our understanding of the word. There are hundreds and thousands of pilgrims who come to Buryatia, Ivolginsky Datsan. The significance of this phenomenon goes far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. What does it mean for these people? What do the Buddhist lamas themselves think of him and how does his appearance change the current situation in Buddhism?

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 The organizer of the film festival is the Association of Initiative Citizens to Promote the Preservation and Development of the Ethnographic Culture of Siberia “Zabaikalskoe Zemlyachestvo”. The festival is supported by the Governor, the Government and the Ministry of Culture of the Zabaikalsky Region.

The president of the film festival - artist of the RSFSR Alexander Mikhailov.

General sponsor of the festival - PJSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”

Leading information partner – InterMediaGroup

Official sponsor of the film festival - Siberian Coal Energy Company

Official sponsor of the film festival is JSC Atomredmetzoloto.

Official Film Festival Carrier - S7 AIRLINES

Sponsor of the film festival - Baikal Mining Company

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