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25 April 2019

VIII Zabaikalsky International Film Festival presented business program ”Territory of film projects”

The business program of Zabaikalsky Film Festival is a unique chance to share and exchange experience and to find a new partners in Siberia and Far Eastern Federal District territory, PRC and Mongolia.

Film makers from Russia, China and Mongolia will present new projects and share experience in Chita for the second time. Business program includes two days of intensive creative workshops and activities.

First day includes films pitching. The main idea is to show unique and beautiful Zabaikalsky region territory. Pitches are expected film presentations and discussions which can be realized by Russian, Chinese and Mongolian film makers. Projects in preparation and production without genre limits in the form of presentation are invited. Authors will have the opportunity to present their projects and discuss with the best Russian producers. Also, they will have a chance to get an individual consultation and film promotion.

Second day includes panel discussion with invited experts. The theme of discussion is co-production and new form development among countries in Film industry.

Zabaikalsky region is unique territory with various location perfectly for filming. There are all possibilities for different constructions and formations of material and technical bases.

Business program organizers find it important to enhance cooperation and cross-cultural, intra-state, industrial and creative relationships between Russian, Chinese and Mongolian film makers. Zabaikalsky region has a filmmakers union, young people are interested to produce audio-visual content.

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