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3 March 2020

International Short Film Competition as part of the IX Zabaikalsky Film Festival

The 9th Zabaikalsky International Film Festival announces the start of accepting applications for the international competition of short films shot in 2019-2020.

Short films from around the world allow us to get an idea of ​​new, sometimes experimental, trends in the development of world cinema. Youth insolence, the ability to see the world in their own way, expressiveness and brevity of statements - all this distinguishes the modern short meter from the rental cinema and attracts talented filmmakers. Creative eccentricity is the main message of modern short film directors.

“Within the framework of the VIII Zabaikalsky International Film Festival, the selection committee received more than 300 films. We are sure that this year this number will be even more significant,” comments Ruslan Abashin, film expert, member of the Selection Committee of the international short films competition of the IX Zabaikalsky International Film Festival.

The International Short Film Competition of the IX Zabaikalsky International Film Festival invites everyone to take part in competitions in the following categories:

• "The best short film made in the Transbaikal Territory"

• "Best Short Feature Film"

• "Best Short Documentary"

The winner in each nomination will receive a diploma and a commemorative prize.

The films of the winners will be shown as part of the "Short Meter Night" campaign, which takes place at the open festival venue for spectators of the capital of the Transbaikal Territory.

The competition is open to individuals and legal entities with copyright and submitting applications for films and viewing versions of films on time.

Year of movie production: 2019-2020. Timing films should not exceed 30 minutes.

Films are accepted for consideration until May 15, 2020.

The film must be a finished work, have initial and / or end credits. The quality of the recording material should be sufficient for playback on a computer in good quality (formats * mpeg, * avi, * mov, * mkv).

The movie for viewing is taken in the format of a link to a file not exceeding 1 GB, or as a link to a private viewing resource.

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